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Webcam Model - Camgirl

LiveCam : This service allows visitors to communicate with you individually and to see you via webcam. Visitors can also activate their webcam if they want you to see it, but they cannot activate their microphone (the microphone is an option reserved for the LivePremium service)..

In Livecam mode, you can have multiple clients simultaneously in separate conversations, which allows you to multiply your earnings. The Livecam service enables the LivePeepshow service.

Model using LiveAudio or phone

Erotic phone : You receive calls on your phone, landline or mobile (depending on your country). You choose when you are available and on which phone you want to receive calls. There is no schedule or other obligation.

LiveAudio : The new generation of the pink phone. You receive audio calls via our online service using the internet connection and the microphone of your smartphone or PC! No installation is necessary and you can make yourself available whenever you want. You can then answer calls anywhere and anytime, as you wish.

LiveText Model

LiveText : It is an instant messaging service. Visitors and Models are contacted via an exclusively text chat..

This service will allow you to attract new visitors to your profile and also to retain your LiveCam and LivePremium customers by keeping a permanent contact with them. In addition, for each message answered, you earn money!

What do I need to work on

For webcam services you will need :

  • PC, Mac, Ipad or tablet with a recent browser and high speed internet access.
  • A quality webcam (if possible HD because the quality of the image is important).

For telephone services you will need :

  • A landline or mobile phone in a country validated by our telephone operator.

For LiveText and LiveAudio services :

  • Our services work on Android, Apple (iphone, ipad, mac), PC and certain game consoles and smartTV devices. The most important is to have a recent browser (chrome, firefox or edge).
  • For a LiveAudio, you also need broadband internet access and a quality microphone (if possible, headset type with microphone).

Who can become a webcam hostess ?

All people who have reached the age of majority in their country and who are at least 18 years old.

Whatever your origins or your age, your size or your measurements, you can meet the expectations of our visitors!

Meetlive4 needs all type of women from everywhere in the world no matter the skin color, the ethnicity, be a professionnal web performer and become a Meetlive4 model now!

What is the job ?

All people who have reached the age of majority in their country and who are at least 18 years old.

When a visitor contacts you, it's up to you to start a live conversation. A game of seduction then begins: take an interest in him, his life, his expectations, his desires. It is important to maintain this relationship over time! The more fans you have, the more opportunities you will have to make money.

You start and stop when you want and you choose your schedule.

Am I obliged to strip myself ?

No ! There is no obligation but the visitors are real rascallies and always hope more. It's up to you to make them hope ! The more they hope, the more you will make profits.

Some like to show off, but there is no obligation. Others prefer to be desired.

contact_supportFrequently asked questions also :

How much am I paid and for what services?

All services are remunerated.
  • LiveCam : A visitor chats with you, you earn money for each minute he spends with you.
  • LivePeepshows : A visitor observes you and you earn money every minute consumed by it.
  • LivePremium : A visitor chats with you, you earn money for each minute he spends with you.
  • LiveText: A visitor starts a conversation with you, you earn money for each message to which you reply.
  • Erotic phone - LiveAudio :
  • Gifts and tips : : A client gives you a gift or gives you a tip; you are paid directly according to the type of gift or the amount of the tip.

I would like to make money even without being connected. Is it possible ?

Yes and it is even recommended!

You have 2 ways to make money without being connected.

  • Customer sponsorship : You bring a new customer to the platform and you receive a percentage each time he recharge their account.
  • Sponsorship of Models : Do you have friends or acquaintances who could become Meetlive4 Models? Sponsor them and receive 10% of all their earnings!