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Tips and tricks

How can I get more visitors?

Make your own advertising promotion, easily and for free !

We advise you to register on various sites of announcements and X directories present on the Internet. Affix your photo with a few words of explanation and especially your sponsorship link to get your commission.

Erotic phone customers are often people who don't use the internet much. It is therefore useful to advertise via free classified ads on the sites, in magazines or newspapers that offer this service. To do this, simply indicate the premium number of the country in which the advertisement is published (Belgium or Switzerland) with your VIP code.

You can increase your income by bringing us either other Models for LiveCam, or other customers met on social networks, other chat systems, blogs, forums, libertine sites, classified ads, etc.

LiveCam, LiveAudio and LiveText clients come mainly from the Internet, while "erotic phone" clients mainly read advertisements displayed in the print media. For Live services, we advise you to advertise on dating sites, classified ads, libertine sites and social networks. For the written press, some free newspapers allow advertisements to be published. Also use the meetings and possibly "massages" or "adult" sections.

The recruitment of models on university campuses, universities, discos is quite popular and can quickly bring you a lot on the volume of people registering on Do not forget to note your sponsorship link on the student job advertisements. However, please stay within the law, only adults and well-informed people can register.

If you are a fan of libertine clubs or erotic shows, give your sponsorship link to interested people. Or register them directly using a smartphone or tablet!

Improve your profile

To get more contacts and therefore more chances of having conversations, it is imperative that your personal file is as complete as possible. Consider having a presentation sheet that makes you want to contact you and don't forget to add photos to your profile.

Picture album management

Your profile photos: Change your profile photo often. Thanks to our new service.

Your public photos: Present soft and attractive photos. No nudity.

Your private photos: Accessible to members only. More intimate photos will establish proximity and a greater desire to come to you.

Video Gallery

Record a short video using your webcam on a smartphone or PC to enhance your presentation.

Presentation message

If you speak several languages, it is important to indicate this in your profile and to write a presentation in each of these languages.

You have 2 possibilities to introduce yourself. Either through a written presentation message or through a voice presentation message. Take advantage!

Great advantage for webcam and erotic phone models: the voice message also appears on your webcam profile, so in addition to photos, your description, etc., customers can listen to your voice.

Complete your profile correctly

  • Click on the 'Home' button on your menu
  • In "Meetlive4 Services", click on "Manage your profile"
  • Provide the requested information
  • Select the languages you speak. A flag of the spoken language is added to your presentation sheet.
  • Click "Modify" to save your data.

Score. How do I get more stars?

The score allows visitors to obtain an index of quality and professionalism of the Model.

The score is displayed on your customer profile in the form of 1 to 5 stars.

The system which uses stars is a system which acts automatically according to an average which is recalculated every 30 days.

The score is based on (most important to least important)

  • The average length of your conversations

    The average length of your conversations with visitors. In order to favor Models who devote time to visitors.

    Your average goes down if visitors zap when:

    • you leave your webcam on when you are not present.
    • you leave a photo in front of your webcam to replace you.
    • the screen is black.

    For 3 zaps of 2 seconds and 1 conversation of 10 minutes. Your average will drop from 600 to 151 seconds!

    The obtaining of premium options, gifts and other advantages for Models are activated according to your score and according to the average of your conversations.

    To increase this average it is always useful to be interested in the life of the visitor and to ask him a lot of questions. This increases the duration of the conversation and above all it avoids causing the "zapping" effect.

  • The presence of a presentation text on your file to make it more personal.
  • The number of fans and the number of positive comments.
  • The number of photo albums and the number of photos per album.
  • Your news.

In order not to disadvantage new recruits, this calculation is done by period of time.

Want to improve your score?

Our score calculation algorithm evolves regularly to be as precise as possible for the visitor. Follow all the recommendations on this page and you will certainly be among the most highlighted people on MeetLive4!

How do I get feedback?

By keeping the visitor 5 minutes, you allow him to note a comment on your profile.

The more positive comments you have, the more visitors you will attract.

How to have fans?

Be sympathetic to your visitors, this will encourage them to become one of your fans.

You have to show interest in visitors if you want them to like you. In this idea, the use of the "notepad" function is very useful. You can take notes on the visitor and remember them and their habits when they return. The more attention you have to him, the more he will like to come back to you.

How to retain visitors so that they become regular customers!

  • Be available and friendly, even if the client is not. Stay cool!

In case of problems you can always report abuse to us. We are here to help and protect you.

  • Respect the appointments with visitors.
  • Cancel an appointment and notify the client when you are not available.
  • Regularly send small friendly messages to your customers via LiveText.
  • Take care of them with LiveText.
  • Respond to messages that visitors send you.
  • Take an interest in their life, their passions, their work, their desires etc.
  • Don't act like a robot.
  • Check regularly if you have an appointment request.

No fans? What to do?

In order to encourage visitors to contact you, you must first improve your presentation sheet to highlight yourself.

  • You must be available online at different times of the day or night to allow visitors to contact you.
  • Use your calendar to warn visitors of your availability. The agenda is an important tool.
  • Respect the hours of availability that you have indicated.
  • When the visitor is online with you, get to know him, seduce him, make him languish and chat ... Remember that the visitor must stay with you for 5 minutes to be able to leave a comment.

With a complete and quality profile, visitors will be curious and will consult your page, then your agenda and your news.

It is very important to make your news interesting:

  • Offer themed evenings by announcing them in your news.
  • Suggest a topic of conversation for LiveText, what you are passionate about or what attracts you ... What you have done or would like to do ...
  • Attract visitors with fantasies ...
  • LiveText, like LiveAudio, should make them dream. It must be a good time to relax, to laugh even ... Escape from everyday life ...
  • Offer a listening ear, sensitive attention, an empathetic feeling ...
  • Are you a psychologist or just an altruist? Open a "Mail from the Heart" section
  • LiveText and LiveAudio open up wide possibilities: explore them!

If you are new and don't have fans yet, you will have to wait for site visitors to click on your profile to populate your contact list. It is therefore important to have a quality profile with a profile picture and a presentation encouraging potential customers to get in touch with you as for a dating site.

When converting or at the end of the conversation, don't forget to ask him to register as a fan and leave a positive comment on your profile. Indeed, the more a Model has a positive note, the more it is highlighted on

Why have Fans?

The more fans you have, the more other visitors you will attract ...

When you log into LiveText, all your fans receive a notification to notify them.

As a fan, the visitor has access to new features such as requesting an appointment, sending private messages, etc.

As a fan, the visitor is notified when you add photos to your gallery.

As a fan, the visitor can receive your stimulus messages via LiveText.

For the LiveCam, LiveAudio and erotic phone models, do not hesitate to ask your customers to register as a fan in order to keep in touch with them via LiveText / Private message.

For LiveCam Models, it is very interesting to keep in touch with webcam customers via Livetext. In this way, you can not only retain webcam customers and your fans in general, but also offer webcam shows to Livetext customers who have never been to LiveCam.

Managing your notebook

Take notes to remind you of the habits and details of conversations with your visitors.

When a visitor comes back to see you, you can view your notes. You can remember him, it will make him happy! It's much more intimate.


Keep your news up to date

It is important that visitors never tire of your profile! Keep the suspense. LiveText allows you to send them small messages to restart them. The notebook allows you to remember their personality.

So that the visitor can be present when you are also online, you must announce your next connections

  • Fill your calendar by announcing your next connections via the calendar tool.
  • Organize themed evenings and advertise them via the "publication" tool.
  • Check regularly if you have an appointment request sent by a visitor.
  • If a customer wishes to see you and you are not present, he can know, thanks to your calendar, when he can return.

Agenda management

Calendar: Via your administration menu, you can inform visitors of your next connections for the next 15 days. Do not hesitate to fill your calendar so that anyone who would like to meet you can know when you will be online soon.

Online appointments

The appointment option which allows visitors to set a time for a virtual appointment on Meetlive4

Be serious and respect your appointments or you will lose all credibility.

Only members of your fan list can make an appointment.

News: Thanks to your administration menu, you can add news that will appear on your profile. Each added news is also displayed on your personal page on and also sent by notification to all your fans.

How to benefit from gift and Premium options?

The following criteria must be met:

  • A minimum of 20 shows
  • An average connection duration of minimum 4 minutes per visitor.
  • Have a public album of at least 5 photographs
  • Have a private album of minimum 5 photographs
  • Have an attractive presentation text with several sentences
  • A quality profile picture (soft)
  • A complete description sheet
  • At least 5 Fans and 5 positive comments

Before a visitor can leave a comment, he must be connected with you for 5 minutes.

In general, if you go to your profile on, you will see the number of stars as well as your quality index. If you have a minimum of 3 stars and a quality index greater than or equal to 6, you can ask us for the Premium and we will examine your request.

Do not hesitate to consult the tips and tricks section of the FAQ (help button in your administration menu) or to find out all our tips for improving your profile.