Become a camgirl, a live show hostess via livetext erotic premium phone lines or webcam liveshows


Who can become a webcam hostess?

All people who have reached the age of majority in their country and who are at least 18 years old.

What you will need to provide us :

Your contact details and a valid identity document so that we can verify your identity and the legality and consent of your services. Your identity documents are only kept for the time required to validate your registration and are automatically destroyed once your registration is validated or refused.

Your financial details so that we can pay you.

Intra-European payments by bank transfer are free and fast.

For payments to countries outside Europe, bank charges may be applied. We therefore advise you to go through a Paypal account or to open an account on or where you can obtain a European bank number. In addition, some of these services can issue you a credit card which allows you to use your money anywhere in the world, for online purchases, anonymously, without having to pay it into your personal bank account. will soon allow you to receive payments in Bitcoins for more discretion and security.

What do I need to work on

For webcam services you will need :

PC, Mac, Ipad or tablet with a recent browser and high speed internet access.

A quality webcam (if possible HD because the quality of the image is important).

Quality lighting in a well-lit room. Too dark images can cause the visitor to disconnect.

For telephone services you will need :

A landline or mobile phone in a country validated by our telephone operator.

A PC, tablet or smartphone to view your statistics and update your profile.

For LiveText and LiveAudio services :

Our services work on Android, Apple (iphone, ipad, mac), PC and certain game consoles and smartTV devices. The most important is to have a recent browser (chrome, firefox or edge).

For a LiveAudio, you also need broadband internet access and a quality microphone (if possible, headset type with microphone).

Since you have the option of being able to take notes to remind you of previous conversations with your visitors, a PC is recommended even if not essential.

Our services on mobile devices do not require the installation of an application and are used directly via the browser on your device.

For other services : sponsorship or other :

Internet access and a web browser.

What are the working hours of the Models?

Each Model chooses its own timetable.

As a Model, you have tools that allow you to retain your visitors.

  • An agenda to inform visitors of your next connections
  • The appointment option which allows visitors to set a time for a virtual appointment on Meetlive4
  • The News option, which allows you to announce events on your personal page (eg thematic evening, special show, etc.).
  • The LiveText service allows visitors to contact you without being behind your webcam or if you do not want to use it. The advantage of LiveText: you earn money with each message to which you reply. You can also connect to LiveCam if you want for a Liveshow on demand.
  • Private messaging that allows you to restart a LiveText conversation if the client stops responding.

What can a Model not do?

It is forbidden on the platform :

  • To show a video recording to replace his live webcam, except for his presentation ;
  • To show an animal or a minor ;
  • To request, give or show personal or financial information ;
  • To ask for payment outside the methods offered by the platform ;
  • Forcing a customer to give credit in any form whatsoever, under the threat of no longer answer him. The only thing allowed is the unconditional request for virtual gifts and / or tips available on the site ;
  • The presence of illegal content (drugs, weapons, etc.).
  • During a conversation whether live or via private message, it is strictly forbidden to exchange information for physical or virtual meetings outside the platform, whether they are priced or not.

Failure to do so may result in deletion of the account. Any visitor who notices any of these facts is asked to send an internal email or by using the "report abuse" button.

See the general terms of use

Gifts and Tips - what is it?

The Tip function and the Gifts function offer the possibility for the visitor to offer additional credits to a Model. These features are completely optional and are never mandatory in any way. Some Members like to tip at the end of a show when others offer tips to the Models when they accept their requests or even just to be pleasant.

How to delete my account?

Just send us an internal message to ask us to delete your account.