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Explanations regarding the LiveText service

What do I need to work with LiveText?

Our services work on Android, Apple (iphone, ipad, mac), PC and certain game consoles and smartTV devices. The most important is to have a recent browser (chrome, firefox or edge).

Since you have the option of being able to take notes to remind you of previous conversations with your visitors, a PC is recommended even if not essential.

Our services on mobile devices do not require the installation of an application and are used directly via the browser on your device.

On tablet and smartphone, you can add the LiveText application to your home menu. It is not mandatory but it is a great advantage because, in this case, the application will be faster and will be able to send you notifications when a customer tries to contact you.

Principle of operation

You can start a text chat only with a visitor, this is the LiveText service. No camera or microphone. No one can see you.

The principle is simple: the client writes to you and for each response you send him, you receive a commission. You can only send a reply to a message sent by the customer. In order to restart the conversation, you can send 3 free messages per day and per customer.


When you have the application open, (even in the background), you appear online on our system and the "LiveText" button then appears on your public file.

By clicking on the "LiveText" button, any connected customer can contact you directly.

If you do not have the application open, you are not online, only your fans can write you a message. The LiveText button is then replaced by the "Private message" button.

The visitor can send you messages even when you are not available (such as a private message on social networks). These messages are considered Livetext and you are therefore paid for each message to which you reply.

Contacts displayed :

The contacts that appear in your application, on the left, are your fans and customers who have been in contact with you during LiveText sessions.

If you are new and don't have fans yet, you will have to wait for site visitors to click on your profile to populate your contact list. It is therefore important to have a quality profile with a profile picture and a presentation encouraging potential customers to get in touch with you as for a dating site.

To start a LiveText conversation:

  • Either the client contacts you first and you can then respond.
  • Either he must be one of your fans and you can write to him spontaneously to start a conversation.

Each day, you can send 3 unpaid messages to restart your customers and start a conversation.

As soon as the customer sends you a message, this gives you the opportunity to reply to him and thus earn money.

If the customer does not respond, do not insist. You might lose it.


When a customer sends you a message, we block 0.11 €. For you € 0.10 and € 0.01 for your sponsors. This amount is available for 48 hours.

If the Model does not respond within 48 hours, the customer is reimbursed and the Model will not be paid.

To get this amount, simply answer the customer. So for each answer you earn money.

If you sent us LiveText Models, for each of their responses you earn 1 eurocent without doing anything!

On average during a normal conversation, a Model can exchange up to 1200 messages with a customer per month.

Tips and tricks

  • Every morning, send a nice little message to your fans in order to build a relationship with them and build loyalty.
  • To get more contacts and therefore more chances of having conversations, it is imperative that your personal file is as complete as possible. Consider having a presentation sheet that makes you want to contact you and don't forget to add photos to your profile.
  • On average during a normal conversation, a Model can exchange up to 1200 messages with a customer per month.
  • Models who manage to make conversations last can exchange up to 8000 messages per month with a single customer (= 800 € for the Model and 80 € for the sponsor).
  • In your responses, turn your sentences so that the customer should give you an answer.

For example :

Wrong way to do it:
[customer] hello
[model] => hello + 0.10 €
Good way to do it:
[customer] hello
[model] => hello, how are you today? + 0.10 €
[customer] good
[model] => hou c'est bien bien bien ça! something is wrong? + 0.10 €
[client] ... explains his life ... = €€€ !!!

How to access the LiveText service?

To access the LiveText service, you go to your menu. Then go to "Home". At the bottom of the page go to Service Meetlive4 and click on the LIVETEXT link "Start the application". You will then have the application that will open in your browser.

Warning ! If you are just starting out, you have to wait for a visitor to come and talk to you.

If you already have fans, then you can contact them.