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Explanations regarding the LiveAudio service

What is LiveAudio?

LiveAudio is a 100% web technology available on PC, smartphone and tablets.

It allows you to communicate like a phone but only using your internet connection.

LiveAudio guarantees you optimal discretion.

What is the difference with the phone?

  • The erotic telephone uses the telephone line
  • LiveAudio uses the internet

Greater availability

  • Available on smartphones, tablets and PC
  • Many more customers. One click is enough!
  • No geographic limitation !

The many advantages compared to conventional telephony :

For you :

  • 25% increase in your earnings using LiveAudio
  • Your earnings increase to € 0.30 / minute
Take advantage of all LiveText features
  • recontact customers
  • take notes on conversations
  • exchange paid private messages
  • fix an appointment
  • Etc.

For the customers

  • Your customers also pay less for their communication
  • No operator fees
  • They can stay longer than via Premium lines
  • 100% encrypted and secure communications
  • No telephone history

Are there operator fees if I use LiveAudio?

No. LiveAudio uses only your internet connection and not your telephone line.

Are my calls confidential?

Yes because there is no trace of call or communication on your phone, smartphone or PC.

Are communications secure?

With LiveAudio, your line is 100% secure via the peer-to-peer connection principle (as via the Telegram application) and using latest generation encryption methods.

Can I use my mobile phone for LiveAudio?

Yes, provided that your mobile phone is a smartphone with an internet connection.

Do I have to install an application to use LiveAudio?

No, no application is necessary. You can add our LiveAudio to your home menu for convenience and to receive notifications but it is not mandatory. There is no application to install via your Store (Google, Apple or Microsoft).

If I don't have a smartphone or PC, can I use LiveAudio with a traditional line?

Currently not, but we are working to make the link between traditional telephony and our LiveAudio service. However we offer you the alternative of becoming a pink telephone hostess.

How do I receive LiveAudio calls?

Click on the 'Home' button on your menu

  • In Meetlive4 services, click "Start LiveX".
  • LiveX is the Meetlive4 application which allows you to practice LiveAudio, LiveText and LiveCam according to the options chosen during your registration.
  • If you have multiple services available, LiveX will ask you which services you want to be online for.
  • The LiveText option is automatically enabled for LiveAudio Models. This option allows you to recontact your LiveAudio customers by private messages and also to receive appointment requests. In addition, you earn money when the customer replies to your messages.

    More information

  • When the LiveX page is started, if this is your first connection, please allow access to your microphone for the application to work.
  • If you have several microphones, you can change at any time via the menu of your LiveX by clicking at the top left of the screen.
  • As long as the application remains open, you will appear online on our network and you will then be able to receive calls from customers.
  • When a customer calls you, you can choose to accept or decline the call.

Rejecting or not answering a call will automatically log you out of the system and close your application. You can return online as soon as you are available again.

What do I need to work with LiveAudio?

A smartphone or a PC or a tablet.

Contacts displayed

The contacts that appear in your application, on the left, are your fans and customers who have been in contact with you in past sessions.

If you are new and don't have fans yet, you will have to wait for site visitors to click on your profile to populate your contact list. It is therefore important to have a quality profile with a profile picture and a presentation encouraging potential customers to get in touch with you as for a dating site.

You can choose to show or hide certain types of contacts via the menu on your LiveX.

Tips and tricks

To get more contacts and therefore more chances of having conversations, it is imperative that your personal file is as complete as possible. Consider having a presentation sheet that makes you want to contact you and don't forget to add photos to your profile.