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Erotic phone

How do I add a phone number for the pink phone and how do I choose the active number if I have more than one?

You can add a new number via the Meetlive4 / Erotic phone / Phone info menu.

After adding the new number, you validate it by following the instructions that appear on your screen when adding the number. Our robot will call you to confirm your number and you can then change the active number always via your "telephone info" menu.

On your administration menu, you will have a module "Meetlive4 Service / Erotic Telephone" which will appear. You just have to put the phone number you want to use (maximum 3- a single asset but like that you can switch from a landline phone to a mobile for example) - this phone number must be validated by a Meetlive4 administrator .

More information on activating your phone number in %AS% by clicking here %AE%

Pink telephone services. How it works?

Registration, validation and activation:

  • If you have not yet registered on the platform: You must register for telephone services at
  • If you are already registered on the platform: You must make the request via an internal message.

Once your registration is validated, the following steps will be:

  1. Add your phone number to our system via your menu *
  2. Validate your phone number by receiving an automatic test call from our system *
  3. Record your voice message which will serve as a presentation for your future customers *
  4. Fill in your personal file with a description, photos, etc. *
  5. Put you online whenever you want via your administration interface or via our call number for managing your services *

see detailed explanations below

Detail of the stages :

  1. Add your phone number: Once the registration is validated, in the "Meetlive4 Services" area of your administration interface, you will need to add your phone number by going to "Phone info". You can add up to 3 different numbers and choose the number that will be linked to your public account (for example, to switch from your landline to your mobile phone).
  2. Validate your telephone number: Your telephone number must be validated manually by an operator who will check the communication costs, etc. . Once the number accepted, you must, via your administration interface, launch the call test. Our voice server will then call you and you will only have to follow the instructions to proceed with the validation.
  3. Voice message : Once your number has been validated, you will have to record a welcome message via your phone by calling the administration number displayed on your menu. This voice message will then be validated by an administrator who will check the content and sound quality of the voice message.
  4. Your personal file: in order to be visible on the different web pages, you will need to complete your Meetlive4 profile by adding descriptions, photos and by filling in the "technical" file via your administration menu.
  5. Activating and deactivating your line: As soon as your voice message is validated, you can start working immediately by activating the calls. To make yourself available, simply choose "connect" on your administration interface or call the administration telephone number using your VIP code and password. You can make yourself available or unavailable at any time via these 2 tools.

Great advantage for webcam and erotic phone models: the voice message also appears on your webcam profile, so in addition to photos, your description, etc., customers can listen to your voice.

Receiving customer calls

When a customer wishes to get in touch with you, our system will contact you to ask whether you accept the connection or not. As soon as you accept, the customer is put in contact with you.

If you do not respond quickly or decline the request, you will immediately be shown as unavailable on our system.

You just need to make yourself available via your administration menu to inform our system that it can put you in touch with customers. So, you choose when you want to work and this in all discretion.

I accept a communication but there is no one left. Why?

When you pick up the phone, you get a message asking if you accept the call. Follow the instructions in the message.

If you do not answer the phone call quickly enough, the client becomes impatient and hangs up.

If you still have the problem despite this, contact us and we will test it by phone.

If I want to do an extra activity, like the erotic phone, can I make a request to the support team to have some modules added to my menu? Or do I have to enter a new registration for each activity?

No re-registration required. A simple request by sending a message by clicking on the "Contact Us" button. The support team will add an activity to your existing account.

Can I use my mobile phone (gsm) as an erotic phone?

Yes you can register with your fixed line or your mobile phone.

Do visitors know my phone number because I am a model in "erotic phone"?

Visitors call a number that belongs to us, we redirect the call on your landline so nobody (except us) does not know your phone number.

If I want to be a model for the "erotic phone", do visitors call me day and night?

It's up to you when you connect to our system. It is only during these connection periods that visitors can reach you. You can log in or out of our system through your administration menu. Only for the erotic phone, it is also possible to connect or disconnect directly by calling the administration phone number.