Become a camgirl, a live show hostess via livetext erotic premium phone lines or webcam liveshows


What is Meetlive4?

Meetlive4 is a naughty interactive virtual dating site where all discussion takes place live.

Meetlive4 does not sell video. Meetlive4 does not use video except that which is used for your presentation and which is strictly personal.

Meetlive4 will soon give you the opportunity to sell your own videos via your personal page.

Who can become a webcam hostess?

All people who have reached the age of majority in their country and who are at least 18 years old.

Does Meetlive4 Work on Smartphone or Tablet?

MeetLive4 works on all recent media and without installing any application. So you can have a live chat on your android smartphone, your iphone or ipad, wherever you are as long as you have access to an internet connection. If you prefer your PC for more comfort during more sex chats or a naughty liveshow, Meetlive4 runs on PC and Mac too.

What types of services can I access?

  • LiveCam : This service allows visitors to communicate with you individually and to see you via webcam. Visitors can also activate their webcam if they want you to see it, but they cannot activate their microphone (the microphone is an option reserved for the LivePremium service).
    In Livecam mode, you can have multiple clients simultaneously in separate conversations, which allows you to multiply your earnings. The Livecam service enables the LivePeepshow service.
  • LivePeepshows : This mode allows members to watch the Livecam service but without having the possibility of having a conversation with the Camgirls. Models are informed that a visitor is connected, but without possible interaction. This service does not allow viewing of a Model that uses the LiveText or LivePremium services.
  • LivePremium: This service is similar to LiveCam but it offers exclusivity for the visitor. The audio conversation is activated and the camgirl cannot have several visitors at the same time. The LivePeepshow service is not active during the LivePremium service. The LivePremium service can only be activated under certain conditions.
  • LiveText : It is an instant messaging service. Visitors and Models are contacted via an exclusively text chat.
  • Erotic phone : You receive calls on your phone, landline or mobile (depending on your country). You choose when you are available and on which phone you want to receive calls. There is no schedule or other obligation.
  • LiveAudio : The new generation of the pink phone. You receive audio calls via our online service using the internet connection and the microphone of your smartphone or PC! No installation is necessary and you can make yourself available whenever you want. You can then answer calls anywhere and anytime, as you wish.
    Even more opportunities to earn money and stay in touch with your Meetlive4 fans !
  • Sponsoring: what could be better than earning money without working! Advertise and get paid for each customer or each Model you bring in, on a recurring basis.

What is the job?

You connect to the service of your choice on the platform via your web browser.

When a visitor contacts you, it's up to you to start a live conversation. A game of seduction then begins: take an interest in him, his life, his expectations, his desires. It is important to maintain this relationship over time! The more fans you have, the more opportunities you will have to make money.

There is no program to install and therefore no trace on your pc, risk of viruses or other ...

You start and stop when you want and you choose your schedule.

Am I obliged to strip myself?

No ! There is no obligation but the visitors are real rascallies and always hope more. It's up to you to make them hope ! The more they hope, the more you will make profits.

Some like to show off, but there is no obligation. Others prefer to be desired.

Are my personal data safe with Meetlive4?

The PLATFORM commits to taking appropriate physical, electronic and organizational security measures specific to its mission, including the management of travel and the access of personnel to and within the mission area.

The PLATFORM uses natively firewalls and abnormal behavior detection programs to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing data. The PLATFORM exclusively uses encrypted communication methods (eg https) and uses encrypted storage with a 256-bit AES algorithm.

All data is stored in a Tier 3 Datacenter that provides physical security for the machines.

The PLATFORM also uses CloudFlare protection services whose USER fully accepts the terms and conditions.

The PLATFORM also uses a "Content Delivery Network" service that improves the availability of its services worldwide. However, the duplicate data on this network is linked to the main servers that are hosted in Europe (outside France) and are therefore subject to European data protection laws.

Can I preserve my anonymity?

Yes absolutely. You will even have to use a pseudonym. If you wish to exhibit anonymously, you are not obliged to show your face.

You can frame your webcam on another part of your body or use a naughty mask.

Your personal data is only necessary for your registration and payment of your winnings.

These data are stored in a secure space and comply with European standards on the protection of privacy.

In no case your personal data can be public. Moreover, in order to guarantee the security and the confidentiality of the data of the Models and the customers, our general conditions forbid you to communicate them.

Any exchange of personal data will result in the definitive closure of your account.

Should I sign any contract?

The conditions of use are the equivalent of "contracts". You do not have to sign them but accept them before each payment request. You confirm that you agree with every last update of these documents. Our company is easily identifiable: address and VAT number are visible on each document.

Does MeetLive4 use videos?

No. The Model has the possibility of recording a small presentation video for his profile but nothing more. She can delete it whenever she wants by going to her menu.

MeetLive4 does not store, give, trade or sell ANY video or photo.

MeetLive4 does not store, give, trade or sell ANY personal information.